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Hello. I have been a hairstylist for many years in Ft.Lauderdale,Fl. After trying three or four different types of BKT's (brazilian keratin treatments) I just have to tell you that our keratin treatments work the best. I love the Treatment the application is smooth and easy with fresh smells(chocolate-strawberry-mint) hardly any fumes to detect. The ingredients are not harsh . It is is all we use at both of our salons. We have thirty hairdressers and we all love this treatment. We also use the BKT with extracts on a lot of clients that want to keep their curls and make styling easier and to get rid of frizz. Remember all the BKT's are reconditioning treatments.They are only coating the hair, but the appIication to seal the keratin into the hair with the flat iron is one of catalists to getting the hair straight. Brazilian Keratin Treatment makes the hair like new again. I can honestly say that every client that has the product in their hair have only great things to say...they really are amazed with the results..and over the past eight months we have applied about 300 treatment between both our locations and never had any bad feedback. Yes we do use fans when flat ironing the hair to keep the smoke from going up into our faces as precaution, as should you. I believe in this product and that it is revolutionary to our industry. I for one , have it in my hair,and use it forever.No more hair drama,no more hair damage.

If you would like to have the treatment done please call the Contour Day Spa in Plantation, Florida please email to schedule an appointment. The procedure will be performed at a full service salon in Broward County, Florida . Please allow 2 or 3 hours for the process.