Keep Your Curls Royal Keratin Conditioning Hair Trmt (not for straightening)-SIZE-32 OZ -LITER

Price: $250.00

Your Price: $250.00 Keep Your Curls (RK Cond Trmt) SIZE - LITER (32OZ)

Keep Your Curls (Royal Keratin Conditioning Trmt) LITER 32 oz -DOES NOT STRAIGHTEN (trmt with repairing extracts will deeply condition you hair and get rid of frizz!)


Keep Your Curls. This Formaldehyde Free treatment process was created with the best hair repair ingredients worldwide. It is not designed to straighten the hair, Royal Keratin Hair Conditioning Treatment was formulated to get rid of frizz. It contains plant extracts, hydrolyzed keratin, vitamins, hydrolyzed collagen, lanolin and silica, poliquaternium. It will reduce the volume and increase the hair brightness and eliminates frizz. It coats the hair with a special film designed to protect against damage from the daily use of irons and dryers. It also makes the hair very soft, shiny and more manageable, but keeps the body. 1 ltr from 16 to 32 applications per bottle. (1 to 2 oz per application short to shoulder length hair). Same application directions as our Royal Keratin Treatment. After treatment process is completed and you wash your hair the normal wave or curl will come back with less frizz and healthier hair.