Help for that frizzy hair

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Help for that frizzy hair
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Q:The rain and humidity is making my hair so frizzy. What can I do?

A: I recently received this question from a Miami Herald reader on the paper's health website -- -- and my immediate answer was less than ideal: I've never found a good solution to frizz for my own curly hair.

Luckily, I asked Josh at a salon in Miami Beach, and he told me about a new keratin hair treatment in which a keratin solution is applied. The hair is then flat-ironed, washed and dried. Afterward, hair is shinier, stronger and much less frizzy.

How does the treatment work? Keratin, the structural protein of hair, is forced into the hair shaft by the heat of the flat iron. That process bulks up the cuticle of each strand of hair, making the hair stronger and less likely to curl and frizz.

The treatment does contain formaldehyde, so you are not a candidate if you have a formaldehyde allergy. (Reactions to mascaras and nail polish are a clue.)

I was very skeptical of this treatment, having suffered from bad perms, hair-straightening treatments, and the ''next new thing'' many times. But 1 ½ hours and $300 later, I was sold!

I left the salon while Tropical Storm Fay was stirring up rain and wind. Yet my hair remained glossy, gorgeous and frizz-free. Even my 9-year-old son said, ``Mom, I love your new hairstyle.''

As I write this several weeks later I am still in love with my soft, manageable hair, and experts say results last about four months.

I am in complete "awe" of this treatment. I have fought with unruly, fried, broken, frizzy hair my entire life. I have tried EVERYTHING! This is the first thing that I am so excited to say has worked and it is like MAGIC. To anyone that is skeptical, it is worth one try and you will see it is for real. Life will be so much easier without fighting so much with my hair. And the salon experience was positive - very good atmosphere and friendly! See you in 6 months! Best regards, Andrea Tsakanikas

--Hello My name is Donna--

I have been a hairstylist for many years in Broward County Fl. After trying three or four different types of BKT's (Brazilian keratin treatments) I just have to tell you that our keratin treatments work the best.. I love the Treatment the application is smooth and easy with fresh smells(chocolate-strawberry-mint) hardly any fumes to detect. The ingredients are not harsh . It is is all we use at both of our salons. We have thirty hairdressers and we all love this treatment. We also use the BKT with extracts on alot of clients that want to keep their curls and make styling easier and to get rid of frizz. Remember all the BKT's are reconditioning treatments.They are only coating the hair, but the application to seal the keratin into the hair with the flat iron is one of catalysts to getting the hair straight. Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment makes the hair like new again. I can honestly say that every client that has the product in their hair have only great things to say...they really are amazed with the results..and over the past eight months we have applied about 300 treatment between both our locations and never had any bad feedback. Yes we do use fans when flat ironing the hair to keep the smoke from going up into our faces as precaution, as should you. I believe in this product and that it is revolutionary to our industry. I for one , have it in my hair,and will use it forever.No more hair drama,no more hair damage.Amazing!!!

I was so amazed by this product that I sent my Granddaughter to Florida for Donna to work the miracle on her hair. She has very thick naturally curly hair which she struggles with every day of her life. Take a look at the photos below and find out what my Granddaughter has to contend with now. She doesn't even have to blow dry her hair. This product is simply amazing and like a miracle, I would recommend it for anyone that wants straight, shiny and beautiful hair.

I was VERY skeptical of this very new and treatment! REALLY, how could one's hair possibly look freshly blown after washing (with no help!)....????? well, I am very thrilled to say that BKT has changes my life. It has been three weeks since Donna Oz did the process on me. Honestly, I have been waiting for the day when I awake to my old hair-self and I see BKT has failed. NOW, I will say that my hair gets better by the day and I have not blow dried it once since the process. I even had my hair colored two days ago! The secret to BKT is finding a very experienced professional like Donna Oz at Contour. She is not interested in experiments of new hair fads. She knows her stuff and I would not have trusted anyone else in Florida to do BKT on me. I am willing to help convince any skeptics out there who like myself, have double-processed, frizzy long hair and felt like a slave to my head! BKT is MAGIC!

Quotes From: Very Successful-Educated - Hairstylists

"Phenomenal like a miracle."~ Sylvia

"So amazing we all use it on our own hair."~ April

"The fountain of youth for any one with curly or frizzy hair."~ Sima

"Super shine, super healthy, the best for bleached hair."~ Vincent

"The most amazing product we have used in thirty years."~ Salon Staff

"Great for all types of hair, like nothing we have ever used."~ Patricia

"In one word- amazing."~ Alisa

"Beautiful hair, just wash and go."~ Castelo & Antonella

"The most gentle treatment ever."~ John

"The best money you will ever spend on your hair." ~ Rafael

"Beautiful, youthful hair all the time."~ Heleana

"It is unbelievable."~ Lucy

"Truly works." Donna

'Our customers love it and are sending all their friends." ~~ Laurance

There is a lot of talk about the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. It is a treatment that has fabulous results. I am an African American hairstylist that also specializes in the Yuko Japanese Straightening. Once finding out about the Brazilian treatment and of course getting the education for it as well, I am amazed at the results. And yes it is good for African American hair. The results are remarkable. I have been doing it and I am a Yuko Technician, but I recommend the Brazilian Keratin Treatment on African American hair as well as the damaged hair that will get turned away from the Japanese straightening process. And yes it cost a bit more than the traditional relaxer (on AA hair) and your results are softer and healthier. It is a price break for those who already experienced the Japanese straightening. I have also treated some of my Yuko touchups with the Brazilian treatment and they love it just the same. I am looking for more who have had bad results or experiences with the Japanese straightening and/or would like to be a model to have the Brazilian Keratin Treatment done. You will be amazed at how the condition of your hair will be with this treatment.